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Fully Automatic foldable KN95 face mask machine

机器尺寸 Machine Dimensions:6200(L)×1850(W)×1500(H)

耳带材料规格: 扁耳带宽6mm,厚1mm
Ear-loop Specifications: . 6mm wide and 1mm thick

超音波功率Ultrasonic Power:1500W×2(台sets) 1800W×2(台sets)

超音波频率Ultrasonic Frequency :15KHz 18KHz

电源 Electric Source:电压Voltage220V , 频率Frequancy50/60Hz , 相数Phase: 1P

马达Motor :1.5 Kw

需求气压 Air Pressure Demanded :0.5-0.7 Mpa , 清洁无水无油depuration anhydrous spotless

估重Estimated Weight:1000kg

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