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Digital printing machine manufacturers tell the digital printing machine to bring new opportunities for the development of textile printing and dyeing industry

Digital printing machine manufacturers talk about digital printing machines bringing new opportunities for the development of textile printing and dyeing industry:
With the increasingly diversified development trend of customers, the grey cloth printing business has developed from large-scale production to small-volume, multi-variety and individualization. With high-quality output, but also to meet the needs of customers small batches, personalized printing, flexible printing and dyeing enterprises, in order to continue to develop in the fierce market competition. As an emerging printing method, digital printing technology has met the increasingly diverse needs of the market with its high efficiency, low proofing cost, good printing effect and less pollution, which has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the textile printing and dyeing industry.
At present, various new types of digital direct-injection printing machines have appeared, and the development of digital printing technology by digital printing machine manufacturers is showing a trend of rising and blooming. “Undoubtedly, the emergence and successful application of digital printing technology by digital printing machine manufacturers is undoubtedly a major technological revolution in the textile industry. It has a milestone significance. The economic and social benefits brought by digital printing will be especially for textiles. Printing and dyeing big China has far-reaching effects. Like all industrial upgrading and transformation, the emergence of new digital printing technology is both a challenge and an opportunity for Chinese printing and dyeing companies to seize the opportunities in the upcoming changes."
In the traditional textile printing industry, there is little difference between enterprises, and it is easy to form vicious price competition. In addition, most traditional enterprises obtain benefits through cheap labor and large-scale production, so the development space is very small. When the printing industry is gradually declining, digital The printing technology is becoming more and more mature, and the printing industry is gradually becoming more and more prosperous.
In addition, with the improvement of China's social and economic development level and quality of life, the textile market consumption has also undergone great changes. People's consumption of textiles with “multiple types, individualization, short-term, value-based intellectual property, creative culture and environmental protection” is Growing day by day. As human demands for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, local governments are actively adopting preferential policies for environmental pollution reduction, and the development of digital printing is strong.
Nowadays, digital printing has become a new profit growth point for textile printing. In many traditional printing factories, under the current situation that “business is difficult to do every year” and “both squeezed”, digital printing avoids the fierce market of traditional printing. Competition, catering to rapid growth in market demand is growing rapidly. The textile industry has a particularly long industrial chain and a long capital chain. In addition, its value chain is particularly large. A number of chains run through, in fact, informationization. In modern society, through the informatization, the elements of such a series of industrial chains or the branches of branches are well connected, and through integrated innovation into an industrial network or value network, it is one of the future development directions of the textile industry. .
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