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Analysis of the defects of the digital printing machine proofing technology of the printing machine manufacturer

Analysis of the shortcomings of the digital printing machine proofing technology of the printing machine manufacturer:
The digital printing technology of printing machine manufacturers still needs to be improved. The shortcomings of digital printing technology of printing machine manufacturers are mainly manifested in four aspects:
(1) The printing speed is slow. Efficiency is money, and the speed of printing is largely the benefit of the enterprise. At present, the fastest digital inkjet printing machine can print at speeds of up to 150m2/h, but it is still far behind and needs to be further improved compared with traditional printing machines.
(2) The ink cost is high. Although digital inkjet printing does not require a screen printing, the total cost of production is lower than that of conventional printing, but the price of ink used is much higher than that of traditional printing. Therefore, after a certain printing length, the ink price will be higher. The cost of pulling digital printing is more than traditional printing. The price of future inks needs to be adjusted to promote the development of digital inkjet printing.
(3) The combination of new and old technologies. At present, the digital printing technology is constantly improving, and the printing speed is also accelerating, but there is still a long way to go to catch up with the speed of the traditional printing machine. Therefore, the use of time-saving digital printing machine for proofing or small-scale production, and then with the traditional printing machine for mass production, will be the basic combination mode of the printing industry for some time to come. The combination of old and new technologies is still a problem, and further breakthroughs are needed.
(4) The color is accurate. Compared with the traditional printing of spot color printing, that is, each set of color is separately formulated with color paste, through the computer color matching color matching system, high color accuracy can be achieved, even if a certain color paste is deviated, it only affects a set of colors. The digital printing is a CMYK mixed color printing. All the colors are mixed by four color inks. A little influence such as the difference of the ink, the difference between the print heads, and the small changes in the environment during the printing process will affect the color mixing. The accuracy of the series of colors. Therefore, the color accuracy of digital printing is slightly worse than traditional printing.
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