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What is the process of pulling the net machine manufacturer to introduce the stretch net?

What is the process of pulling the net machine manufacturer to introduce the stretch net:
Stretching is the first step in making screen plates. The quality of the stretch net has a direct relationship with the quality of the plate. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully and meticulously prepare for the work before stretching and stretching.
Firstly, according to the printing size, the corresponding mesh frame is selected, and the side of the mesh frame and the mesh is cleaned. If it is the first frame used, it needs to be gently rubbed with fine sandpaper to make the surface of the frame rough. This makes it easy to improve the adhesion between the frame and the screen. If the frame is used, it should be sanded and cleaned to remove residual glue and other substances. Before cleaning the mesh frame, pre-coat the adhesive on the surface in contact with the screen and dry it. When stretching the net, use manual or mechanical stretching, and the screen is tightly tightened to make the screen and the frame close to each other, and the screen is in contact with the frame. Partially recoating the adhesive, and then drying it. Note that the adhesive should not be too thick or too thin. When drying, use a rubber sheet or a soft cloth to wipe the bonded portion and apply an appropriate amount of pressure. Make the screen and the frame more firmly bonded. After the adhesive is dried, loosen the external tension, cut the wire around the outer edge of the frame, and then stick the single-sided self-adhesive tape to the area where the mesh and the frame are bonded. The function of the net and the net frame can also prevent the dissolution of the solvent or water on the adhesive during printing to ensure the effective use of the screen printing plate. Then rinse the screen with water or a cleaning agent. After the screen is dried, it can be used for photoresist coating (plate making).
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