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The principle of inkjet printing in countertop printing machine factory

The principle of inkjet printing for countertop printing machine of countertop printing machine manufacturer:
Taiwan top printing machine manufacturer countertop printing machine On-demand inkjet printing is based on The ink droplets are generated by the need of the pattern, and are divided into different ink jet methods such as a bubble type, a piezoelectric type, and a valve type. All of these inkjet methods have different characteristics and require different inks.
Piezoelectric drop-on-demand
Stop printing machine manufacturer Ordinary print head piezoelectric material is lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramic, the material adheres to the electrical contact equipment, when specific When a high voltage is applied in the direction, the piezoelectric material is deformed. Subsequently, a lower voltage (typically about 60-80 V) is applied in a direction along or perpendicular to the deformation, and the physical size of the ceramic sheet changes. In some drive systems, positive and negative pulses may be applied, and the formation of a single drop depends on the applied voltage and its defined duration, otherwise it is possible to form satellite ink drops.
Piezoelectric drop-on-demand operation, the piezoelectric crystal in the nozzle expands according to the electrical signal of the input, and the ink is squeezed to eject ink droplets from the nozzle to form a pattern on the fabric. After the voltage signal disappears, the piezoelectric crystal returns to its original normal size, and the ink chamber is refilled by capillary action. The piezoelectric nozzle has a frequency of about 14,000 times/s, that is, it can eject 14,000 ink droplets per second, and each ink droplet has a volume of about 150 pL.
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