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How does the countertop printing machine work for various countertop printing machines?

How do various countertop printing machines from countertop printing machines work?
(1) Countertop printing machine manufacturer net-type platen printing machine
In the case of net-type flat screen printing, the fabric is attached to a fixed platen, and the flower plate is moved by hand or mechanically along the warp rails at a fixed interval on the platen. After printing a plate, the flower plate is lifted and moved. Print to the next version. The two ends of the platen are equipped with a flower-operated rail with a regular hole for the regular nails on the frame to be positioned to position the plate. Before the printing, the fabric should be scraped with a layer of cloth paste on the platen, and the fabric should be flatly applied. The material of the cloth paste varies depending on the type of fabric. When printing, the printing paste is put into the frame of the flower plate, and the printing paste is smeared along the warp or weft direction of the fabric with a squeegee, and the color paste is printed on the fabric through the stencil mesh.
The quality and shape of the scraper is one of the important factors affecting the amount of the scrap. The selection of the scraper depends on the shape of the flower, the nature of the paste and the thickness of the fabric. The number of times of squeegee depends on the function of the fabric, the rheology of the color paste, the area of the stencil, the mesh number of the net, the shape of the squeegee, the thickness and the elastic size thereof, and the number of squeegees is usually not less than two.
(2) Table-top printing machine manufacturers-driven tabletop printing machine
The length of the printing platen is determined by the number of plates. The rack of the platen is equipped with a lifting frame, and the flower plate is arranged at intervals on the lifting frame, the spacing between the flower plates is fixed, and the spacing between the flower plate and the plate plate and the left and right orientation of the flower plate can be adjusted to ensure the right The accuracy of the flower. The printing platen is made of iron plate with a loop-free jointless canvas and rubber-bonded elastic guide belt. The guide belt is fixed on the steel strips at both ends. It is dragged by two synchronous motors and is controlled by charging. It is intermittently operated at regular intervals, and its motion interval coincides with the width of the plaque on the stencil. When the tape is circulated under the platen, it is washed by the washing device, and the patch slurry and the pad on the tape are washed away. Before the belt is operated to the feeding device, the pulping device is coated with a cloth slurry, and the fabric is pressed by a pressure roller when it is introduced, so that it is evenly pasted on the belt.
The squeegee structure is provided with a squeegee device, on which there is a rubber double scraper capable of lifting or lowering or a magnet roller is arranged in the frame for scraping; the former is dragged by a chain, and the latter is called a magnetic roller squeegee device, The magnet roller in the flower frame changes with the transformation of the electromagnet under the platen. Its strength is that the slurry is evenly distributed, and the difference between the pressure at the two ends of the rubber blade and the center pressure is not the same. The blade has two kinds of latitude and warp. motion.
When the cloth-type countertop printing machine is printed, the flower plate is lowered onto the platen with the fabric attached, the blade is scraped, the flower plate is raised, and the guide tape moves the printing fabric forward according to the regular interval, and these actions are closely matched with each other. The number of times of squeegee, the stroke of the squeegee, the blade pressure, and the movement interval of the belt are all adjustable.
(3) Countertop printing machine manufacturer's joint type countertop printing machine
When printing, the fabric on the platen is lowered, the cylinder with the flower plate is lowered, the plate and the fabric are touched, the blade is raised after the blade is scraped, and the column with the platen is turned into a viewpoint, and the flower plate reduces the printing again. The cycle ends with the print of the entire trick. The printing scale of such a printing machine is usually about 400 mm x 500 mm, and the structural scale is 600 mm x 700 mm.
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