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Digital printing machine manufacturers tell whether digital printing can replace screen printing?

Digital printing machine manufacturers tell whether digital printing can replace screen printing?
Printing means forming a graphic on the surface of a fabric with a paint or dye. Among them, screen printing, as a traditional printing process, has a relatively high proportion in the printing industry. With the rise of computer technology and the development of technology, digital printing has developed more rapidly in recent years. So, can the digital printing of digital printing machine manufacturers replace the screen printing?
Type of material to be printed:
The digital printing of digital printing machine manufacturers is basically used in all fabrics. The objects to be printed vary depending on the ink. For example, acid ink is suitable for fabrics such as wool, silk and other protein fibers and nylon fibers; reactive dye inks are mainly used for cotton, hemp, silk and other fabrics.
In the case of screen printing, the size of the printed fabric is limited by the size of the printing web due to the influence of the frame or the like. At the same time, the second is that in some materials, traditional water-based ink printing can not achieve better performance, so only solvent-based inks can be used for printing.
The advantages of digital printing are mainly concentrated on the fineness of color and pattern. In terms of color, digital printing inks are classified into dye-based inks and pigment-based inks, and the dyes are brighter in color and superior to pigments. Paint digital printing uses pigments as colorants, but all use nano-scale pigment pastes. For a specific ink, as long as the dedicated ICC curve is used, the color display can be very high. The color of the screen printing is based on the color of the four-color dot, and the second is to control the color of the ink before printing. Each frame is colored, and the color is not as good as the digital printing.
Printing cost:
Traditional screen printing requires prior plate making, color matching, and proofing. The more colors of the pattern, the more plates are needed, and the longer the preparation time. Moreover, the manufacturing cost of the frame is expensive, the smaller the production batch, the higher the production cost, and it is difficult to meet the individual needs of modern consumers.
Digital printing, digital inkjet printing technology truly realizes the qualitative change from proofing, small batch processing to mass customization and large-scale production. Adapt to the short-life fashion cycle of today's clothing, the pattern change is fast, and the order quantity is small.
Environmental protection:
Screen printing needs to be washed, and the printed fabric needs a lot of water washing and soaping to remove the floating color, which not only causes waste of dyes, additives, water resources and energy, but also has serious pollution. Digital inkjet printing is a green and environmentally friendly production method. The printing process does not use water, there is no need to modulate the colorant, the dye is used as needed, and no waste dye liquor is discharged, with little pollution. At present, white ink mainly relies on imported ink to maintain, but printing on dark fabrics, no white is not acceptable, which is the difficulty that needs to be broken in the current popular digital printing in China.
Undoubtedly, the emergence and successful application of digital printing technology is undoubtedly a major technological revolution in the textile industry. It has a milestone significance. The economic and social benefits brought by digital printing will have a profound impact on us, especially the textile printing and dyeing country. Impact.
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